Founded as a PC upgrade & repair firm in 1990, we evolved into a full-service consulting practice with an emphasis on networking. Typically our clients have networks consisting of 10 to 1000 workstations. They’re looking for business-grade internet connectivity, e-mail services and 24/7 network maintenance/monitoring. Our long list of satisfied clients proves that we effectively meet the network computing needs of the SMB market!

While we continue to offer consulting, today our main focus is connectivity and VoIP services. When you entrust Rocket Internet to provide your broadband, co-lo and consulting services, you’re not turning to “a new kid on the block.”  Our track record spans nearly three decades now! We deliver a high level of technical expertise and (equally important to your success) long-term stability.

Rocket Internet is privately held and meets certain minority ownership qualifications.

WAN and cloud competency, part of our 30-year DNA!
Count on us to deliver, even when larger providers fail!

Push to initiate launch sequence!